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Book Your Party!

1.  Email or call: 210-920-4ART with your preferred date, number of attendees, and painting reference.  If you have a painting that you like but need a few modifications please let me know – I will happily accommodate you!

2.  Once we have confirmed the date of your party and have a painting for the class, please send payment for your party via Paypal to .  The cost is $25 per person with an 8 person minimum party size.  This cost includes all the supplies you will need to complete your painting including your 16″x20″ canvas board, paint, brushes, dropcloths etc.

3.  At your party an experienced art teacher will guide the entire party step by step through the chosen painting of the evening while you relax, surrounded by friends, and enjoy your favorite beverage in the comfort of your home!  The best part is NO ART EXPERIENCE NEEDED!

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