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Welcome to Private Painting Parties!

My name is Evan and I love art!  I will be your artist for the evening as we:

·         Have fun

·         Learn about art, and

·         Enjoy the company of friends – right in your own home!

My inspiration for came when I taught a group of co-workers how to create a painting of their choice. We had a blast!  Instead of traveling to a commercial location we were much more comfortable getting together at one of our homes and hosting the party there.

The Private Painting Parties’ philosophy is “Your painting, Your friends, Your place!”

I teach adult private painting parties using a one step at a time method since many attendees have no previous art experience. It’s perfect because there is NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!  In fact, the main comment I hear at the beginning of the evening is, “There is no way I can paint that!”

By the end of the night, everyone is amazed by how well their efforts turn out.

Children’s Art

Looking for a children’s art party? I’m an elementary art teacher by day and love working with kids. We can paint their favorite robot or pet. Lots of fun!

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